Our Projects:

We highlight below significant projects we are now undertaking, propose in the future and have completed in the past.  Click or tap on an underlined title link to learn more about the particular project.

If you would like to help fund our current projects, visit our Donation page for information on how you can donate.  

Current Projects

Station Track at Glyn Ceiriog - completing the installation of 2ft 4½in gauge trackwork connecting the station platform and siding to the engine shed.

The Baldwin - constructing a full-size static representation of the ex-WDLR 4-6-0T Baldwin Locomotive acquired by the Glyn Valley Tramway in 1921.

Valley Industries - identifying, recording and collecting artefacts and records from historical local industries served or supported by the Glyn Valley Tramway.

Future Proposals

GVT Coal Wharf at Glyn Ceiriog - development of secure workshop and storage facilities and new industrial heritage displays.

GVT Rolling Stock - construction of further replica GVT rolling stock for display and demonstration.

Glyn Valley Tramway Trail - creation of an interpreted, signposted and leafleted GVT trail through the Ceiriog Valley.

Past Projects

GVT Draught Horse - creating a life-size representation of the Tramway's original motive power. 

GVT Yard Crane - restoring and re-siting an original 2 ton GVT crane dating back to the horse-drawn era.

Ruston & Hornsby - acquiring and re-commissioning a small Diesel Locomotive for moving stock around the Museum site.

GVT Beyer Peacock - creating a full-size representation of the rear profile view of the locomotives supplied by the firm to the GVT.

Dolywern Waiting Room - cutting back and clearing vegetation from the former GVT lineside building.

Heritage Museum - creating a museum in the old tramway engine shed at Glyn Ceiriog.

GVT Slate Wagon - constructing a replica slate wagon of the type used to transport the output from the Cambrian & Wynne quarries.

GVT Station Yard - site clearing, levelling and landscaping and recreating a section of the platform at Glyn Ceiriog with picket fencing and running-in board.

GVT Engine Shed - restoring the old tramway engine shed at Glyn Ceiriog in preparation for its future use as a heritage museum.

Pontfadog Waiting Room - restoring and furnishing the former GVT lineside building. 

Glyn Valley Tramway at Chirk

The similarly named but separate charity organisation, Glyn Valley Tramway Trust, are in the process of: